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Topic № 11

“A hobby is a pleasant pastime”. Explain it.
Hobby is something you do when you have some spare time. This is your pastime or leisure. So many people – so many activities, they say, as people go in for different hobbies – fishing, hunting, collecting, travelling – what not!
A lot of people enjoy collecting coins, badges, stamps, souvenirs, butterflies. They are so proud of their collections and never stop talking of them.
Other prefer sports (indoors or outdoors – it depends on their tastes and weather). They spend long hours training or participating in various competitions. They believe, participation is more important than winning a victory.
Or they are sport fans and shout for their favourites. Many people find nothing so good As reading, they can’t help reading a novel or a detective story, or a favourite essay; tastes differ in fact.
Having a pet at home is not eccentric either.
And, of course, there are people who are fond of travelling. It’s a pleasant and useful hobby, isn’t it? Don’t you think that travelling enlarges your outlook, develops your skills, fills your leisure and enriches your experience.
Naturally, some hobbies need money spendings and efforts. And what about visiting friends? It isn’t expensive at all. But it is really pleasant.
Or listening to music. Or watching TV and videos. Some people are so fond and full of TV programmes, cartoons, trillers, soap-operas, they are calles “couch potatoes”. Of course, TV is a source of education and pleasure, not only a waste of time, but many young people prefer visiting theatres or cinemas, or visiting historic places.
You choose for your personal fun and profit. Are you an indoor or an outdoor type? Find out and enjoy your free time!

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