четверг, 16 февраля 2012 г.

Are you a theatre-goer? Explain your point of view.
Although I’m not a theatre-goer, I never miss a chance to see a good play. There are many theatres in Kemerovo. I visited some of them: Drama Theatre and the Theatre for the Young and Children. I enjoyed visiting them very much!
Once when I was in Moscow my parents proposed me to visit the Bolshoi Theatre. It is always very difficult to find tickets for really good performances. It’s next to impossible to get tickets to the Bolshoi Theatre on a Sunday night.
But we were lucky to get tickets to the Bolshoi Theatre. The “Swan Lake” was on.
We bought tickets in the box-office of the theatre. I knew that the best and the most expensive seats were in the stalls and the dress-circle. The seats in the upper circle pit and gallery were cheaper. The seats in the stalls were sold out. I took box number six in the dress-circle. It was very well placed and we could have a good view of the stage.
The Bolshoi Theatre is a magnificent building. We arrived at the theatre ahead of time. I hate coming at the last moment. Having produced our tickets, we passed through the entrance halland went to the cloak room, where we left our hats and coats. The usher led us to our seats.
At last the curtain went up. The scenery was beautifully set up. The Bolshoi Theatre is famous for its excellent performances. Its productions are always a success and have a very long run. We enjoyed the “Swan Lake”. Music and dances were perfect. The leading lady was marvellous. At the end of the acts the audience applauded the dancers. The theatre was ful. There was hardly any vacant place.
The “Swan Lake” made deep impression on me!

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