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5. Explain why Kemerovo is the heart of Kuzbass. 7 Б,В,Г учим к субботе (03.03), 7А - к понедельнику (05.03)


Kemerovo is the capital of Kuzbass, its most important residential, industrial, cultural and educational centre. Kemerovo is a young city. It was founded a little more than 20 years ago, on the banks of the river Tom. The little village Sheglovka by name has changed beyond recognition. Today Kemerovo is a beautiful, modern city with a population of nearly a million residents. You can see many old and modern buildings, wide and straight streets, big and small squares, green parks. 

Kemerovo is famous for its coal mines, chemical and machine-building plants, factories.

Kemerovo is also a town of students. There are 7 higher educational institutions in it: the State University, the Polytechnical University, the Medical Academy, the Academy of Art and Culture, the Technological Institute of Food Industry, the Higher Military School for, the University of Commerce and Trade. 

Besides, Kemerovo is a cultural center. The Kemerovites and visitors can go to the Drama of Musical Comedy Theatre, the Concert Hall, the Puppet Show, the Circus, the Theatre for the Young, as well as its museums, picture gallery, cinemas.

The Kemerovites are proud of their native city and make it more and more beautiful from year to year.
They say, East or West, home is best. Nearly every person takes native city dear to the heart. My city is really remarkable nowadays. Today it is a modern Siberian center with wide streets and prospects. The central , Vesennyaya Street is a splendid sight in spring, with blossing lilac bushes and the square in memory of Volkov, the founder of coal in this region, with parks and alleys.

Summing it up, I can honestly say that I’m proud of my native town Kemerovo and I think it’s the best place to live in.

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